Taiwan to install VR technology at music concert

Taiwan is pushing forward installation of 5G wireless network service

Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Jong-chin (沈榮津) said that Taiwan is planning to apply virtual reality technology at a music concert scheduled for the Taipei Music Center next year as part of country’s effort to promote 5G network service.

2020 will be a “tech harvest year” for Taiwan as the chairwoman of the National Communications Commission (NCC) announced in early-October that the installation of the 5G wireless network would make it available across the country in two years.

In a press conference on Monday, Minister Shen announced that they are planning to apply large scale use of Virtual Reality technology in a music concert scheduled at the Taipei Music Center in the second quarter of next year. This application will allow audiences to have a 360-degree view of a live concert and enhance the festive experience regardless of their vantage point, the Liberty Times reported.

Shen added that the Taiwan 5G Development Alliance, a national team formed jointly with MediaTek, ITRI, and Chunghwa Telecom, is working constantly to complete a synchronized network system for the installation of VR technology along with 5G internet service.

Source:Taiwan News