2018 Smart City Summit & Expo highlights solutions for building smart city from around the world

The 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) along with three sub-expos is currently taking place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center and will continue through March 30.

The 2018 Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE) along with three sub-expos is currently taking place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center and will continue through March 30. SCSE gathers 210 exhibitors from around the world this year, exhibiting a diversity of innovative applications and solutions in building a smart city, according to the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), the event’s organizer.

Winners of two awards associated with the trade show—Innovative Application Award and System Integration Award–are also showcased at the venue.

The three professional sub-expos–Smart Healthcare Expo (SHE Taipei), FuturE2D Expo and Intelligent Building Expo (IBE Taipei)–present smart solutions in healthcare, education and smart building, respectively.

With building Smart Cities on the IoT being the theme of the trade show, SCSE is not only the platform where Taiwan’s ICT industry presents their smart city solutions, but also the biggest IoT application exhibition in Asia, the organizer said.

In addition, city leaders from all over the world are gathered in Taipei to exchange their experience in smart city development, learning a diversity of innovative applications and solutions, and thus escalating the growth of smart cities worldwide through communications among suppliers and buyers, the TCA said.‘

Over 1,000+ booths (900 in 2017) are presenting diverse smart city solutions in SCSE. The displays include exhibition from industry big players in Taiwan, including Acer and Advantech, many Taiwan’s city and county governments, as well as foreign companies from the UK, Israel, France, Australia, Japan, and other countries.

For example, with campus security being a hot topic today, Taipei City Government presents the ROOMIS system, the campus space management solution supported by industrial PoE IoT terminals. The services and supports of the system include facial recognition for attendance capture, electronic classroom signs and syllabus, automated access control, classroom scheduling, real-time information, equipment repair notification, checkpoint tag for guard patrol, and statistics report.

With regard to exhibitors from foreign country, two companies from Israel were interviewed for this report—Movinglife and GIV Solutions.

ATTO is a mobility scooter that can be folded into a trolley in seconds, carried out and pulled along during travel. It’s great for ordinary people as well as people with limited mobility due to age or disability, according to Tami Eyal, marketing VP of Movinglife. The scooter can run for about four hours after being fully charged, Eyal said, adding that the company is looking distributors in Taiwan.

GIV Solutions provides a cutting edge organizational IT platform, a basis for a city that executes intelligent processes, where managers can easily access and analyze data, for smart management processes, control and implementation of municipal knowledge, according to Meir Steinhouse, project manager of GIVE Solutions.

Source:Taiwan News